Independent Living Centers

Independent Living Centers

Independent Living Centers assist persons with disabilities to achieve greater independence by providing services and activities which enhance independent living skills and promote the public’s understanding, accommodation, and acceptance of their rights, needs and abilities.

Most Independent Living Centers provide 5 core services

Independent Living Skills Training – Classes or individual training to enhance the independence of individuals with disabilities in their homes, families, and communities. The program provides training in cooking, assertiveness, relationships, financial management, adjustment to disability, and other areas as needed.

Advocacy— Promotes both individual and community advocacy strategies that create positive change for persons with disabilities and their environment both on the state and national level.

Information and Referral— Assistance for people with disabilities, their families, and the community in locating available services and products such as affordable, accessible housing, transportation options, adaptive equipment, support services, and more.

Peer Support— Pairing with other individuals with similar disabilities to provide support and training with disability specific needs.

Transition– Working with students and other young adults with disabilities to obtain skills needed to live as independently as possible.

There are six different independent living centers serving the state. Each center serves certain counties and most have multiple locations.

Questions or need more info about this program please contact Isaac Rodenbough, UTVA Transition Coordinator 801-262-4922 x6280 or

For a referral to an Independent Living Center please contact your case manager.