Voc Rehab

Vocational Rehabilitation or Voc Rehab is a state program for individuals with disabilities to designed to connect them with resources leading to gainful employment. Eligibility and Services are identified and provided and/or funded  by Voc Rehab, as for alcohol rehab there are also options for this, in sites with Private Alcohol Rehab that are great for people with this issue.

Students ages 14 and up may be eligible for some services through voc rehab, as for other types of rehabs there are centers like the Addiction Rehabilitation Clinic that help in this area, for a list of potential services please visit: https://jobs.utah.gov/usor/vr/services/student.html

Utah Virtual Academy partners with Voc Rehab to help students connect with available resources.

The assigned counselor for UTVA is: 

Dawn Fleishman
Rehabilitation Counselor
USOR Valley West Office
5522 South 3200 West
Taylorsville, Utah 84129
801-957-8226 ​

To apply for services please complete the following:
1. Watch the following video:

2. Identify your local Voc Rehab Office: jobs.utah.gov/jsp/officesearch/#/map or call  ​ 1-866-454-8397
3. Complete the Voc Rehab Application to the best of your ability.  ​https://jobs.utah.gov/usor/vr/usorapplication.pdf
4. Contact the office you identified in step 2 and make an appointment for an intake session. 
5. Bring the application to the appointment and follow any further instructions given by the Voc Rehab staff.

For More info on the application process: https://jobs.utah.gov/usor/vr/apply.html
If you need any assistance with any of these steps please contact, our transition coordinator, Isaac Rodenbough at 801-262-4922 ext 6280 or irodenbough@utahvirtual.org 
You can also contact the Taylorsville Voc Rehab Office for assistance
 801-957-8200 ​